Let’s be truthful.
You have one cold turkey sandwich on Black Friday and it’s pretty darn good– but all subsequent sandwiches for the next few days become redundant, dry, and underwhelming. You want something else from your leftovers.
This is a recipe you can truly throw together without any extra ingredients needed. It will give your leftovers a new perspective and they won’t seem so left over anymore.


Thanksgiving Leftovers Shepherd’s Pie

What you need for sure:
Chopped turkey and/or ham
Gravy, plus extra for drizzling
Veggies (especially cooked carrots, onion, celery)
Mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes mixed with 2 egg yolks

Optional additions:
Roasted butternut or acorn squash
Dried Cranberries
Chopped apple
Sage pesto
Brie (I would mix this into the mashed potatoes)
Spinach artichoke dip
Bacon or Sausage
Chopped stuffed mushrooms
Quartered Brussels sprouts

Adjust an oven rack to the upper middle position. Preheat oven to 375°. Stir gravy, meat, veggies, and any other filling ingredients together in a large mixing bowl. Taste the filling; see if it needs more salt, pepper, or herbs. Adjust flavor if needed. Transfer mix to a lightly greased casserole dish.
Thoroughly mix two egg yolks into cold mashed potatoes, until no streaks remain. Spread mashed potatoes to entirely cover top of meat and veggie filling. Use the tines of a fork to scrape long and shallow lines into the mashed potatoes in a decorative pattern. This will look nice and create more surface area for browning.
Place shepherd’s pie into the oven. If all your ingredients started out cold, it could take about 35-45 minutes for the pie to warm through. When center reaches about 130°, change the oven settings to broil. If your oven has a low broil setting, that is most ideal, as it’s easier to prevent burning. Broil until top is evenly golden brown. Rotate the pan if top isn’t browning evenly. 
This will likely take about 8-10 minutes on low broil or around 4-7 minutes on high broil. 
Remove from oven when browning is finished. Cool for 10 minutes before serving. 




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