I make a point of putting each of my posts into a recipe category. I organize them by tags like desserts, side dishes, party theme menus, Halloween recipes, etc. My favorite categories are the seasons. Some recipes are special for winter and some for spring, while others can overlap in fall and winter, for example. As I was checking the category boxes for this recipe, I realized it really does work year-round. Originally I intended it for an easy fall weeknight dessert, or a Christmas Eve treat, but there’s no reason it can’t be enjoyed for May day or New Years Eve. 



Cranberry Orange Floats

Orange Sherbet
Cranberry Sprite or Ginger Ale
Cranberry Juice

Place two scoops of orange sherbet in a tall collins glass. Pour Sprite or Ginger ale over sherbet and gradually fill glass 90% of the way, stopping occasionally to let carbonation settle. 
Pour cranberry juice into a glass measuring cup or small pitcher. Holding a spoon in one hand, place the very tip of the spoon about 1/4 inch into the glass and touch the tip to the glass’s side. Hold spoon at a 90° angle, as pictured. Slowly pour desired amount of cranberry juice into the spoon, allowing the juice to sink to the bottom of the glass, creating a red cranberry “layer” in the drink. Serve immediately.



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