The Opening Ceremonies are about to air! For those who plan to be huddled around the TV, you’ll want some eats to celebrate summer and to show some support for the USA! 

Red, White & Blue Cocktails

These are fun in a glass and everyone will love them! 
Get the recipe here!

star spangled banner drink WWM

redwhiteblue drinks WWM

Cheeseburger Egg Rolls

Few things are more American than burgers. This recipe is vegan, but you can certainly use cooked ground beef and real shredded dairy cheese if you’d prefer.
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Burger egg roll platter WWM


Blue Moon and Orange Sorbet

Summer, summer, summer!!
Get the recipe here!


Lemon Bars

Another burst of summer citrus comes in the form of these healthy lemon bars. They happen to be paleo!
Get the recipe here!

Lemon bars WWM

Blueberry Donut Martini

Very American. Come to think of it, this would go SO well with a lemon bar.
Get the recipe here!

BluDonut 7 WWM

“Olympic Rings”

Snack on some Funyuns, pretzel rounds, or peach rings!

Rings WWM

Peach Rings WWM

Lazy, No Crust Apple Pie

“As American as apple pie.” And just as lazy.
You can have this hot and ready in about an hour!
Get the recipe here!

Lazy apple pie 5

Sweet & Salty Patriotic Potato Chips

Last but not least! Let the games begin!!
Get the recipe here!

redwhiteblue chips WWM

redwhiteblue chips 4 WWM

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