Understandably, for some, not knowing what to take to a 4th of July BBQ is more than just hypothetical– especially if cooking ain’t your gift. You could swing by the crowded grocery store on the way to your buddy’s place to pick up the last sad tub of pre-made potato salad or the obliged veggie tray that no one loves– OR you could wow everyone and bring these sweet, salty, crispy, tasty bites! With only two or three ingredients, anyone can do this.
By the way, I found these cool red, white, and blue potato chips at Costco. If you don’t have a membership, Whole Foods likely has something similar, though not all in one bag. Another note worth mentioning: it’s fun to add pop rocks to some of these for a little extra sensation. I had originally used red and blue pop rocks for these, but quickly realized that blue pop rocks look more green than blue, so I 86’ed them.

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Sweet & Salty Patriotic Potato Chips

1 bag red, white, & blue potato chips
1 cup white chocolate chips
Pop rocks (optional)

1. Pour white chocolate chips into a glass or metal bowl and melt over a bain marie/double boiler (What’s that?). Once completely melted, set the bowl aside to cool slightly.
2. Meanwhile, line 2 baking sheets with aluminum foil, parchment, or wax paper for easy cleanup, and insert a cooling rack into the sheet. Hand select whole chips of each color that aren’t broken or too small. Lay the chips on an even layer on the cooling racks.  

3. When the melted white chocolate is still warm but not hot, it is ready to use. Pour it into a Ziploc bag (or piping bag), let the air out of the bag, and seal shut. Cut a very small tip off one of the bottom corners of the bag. Drizzle the white chocolate over the chips in thin, straight lines to make stripes. 

4. If desired, sprinkle pop rocks on the white potato chips immediately before the white chocolate sets. 

5. Taste a chip. There should be a nice sweet/salty balance, but if it’s a little too sweet, sprinkle on some kosher salt immediately before the chocolate sets.

6. Let sit at room temperature to harden for at least 3 hours. Refrigeration is not recommended since it can make the chips soggy and stale, but if you are really in a hurry, refrigerate them for no longer than 10 minutes.

Try to keep them away from direct sunlight or excessive heat when serving them, to prevent melting the chocolate.

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My red, white, and blue cocktails! You’ve already seen my Coconut Cake Cocktail, which parades as the white here! Stay tuned for recipes for the “Rocket’s Red Glare”, and my favorite, the impressive and striking “Star Spangled Banner”. Can’t wait to show you!

My No-Cook Charred Corn Salad is also a great side dish for the 4th!

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