Coconut. Cake. Cocktail.
I just named three things I rather adore. It only makes sense to combine those musketeers into one to make a delicious and happy trifecta, don’t you think? This is an awesome dessert cocktail that would be perfect to serve in the summer, especially after an outdoor dinner in which the grill had been used. 
If you appreciate the texture of coconut, you’ll like this rim. It adds a playful little crisp to the drink. You can adhere the coconut to the rim using agave nectar or vodka, or you could take this drink to the next level and dip the rim in some vanilla buttercream before coating it with toasted coconut.

coconutcakemartini pouring WWM

Coconut Cake Cocktail

1 oz (2 Tbsp.) cake vodka
4 drops coconut extract 
4 drops vanilla extract (clear vanilla works best here)
1 Tbsp powdered sugar
4 oz. (1/2 cup) vanilla coconut milk (the kind for drinking, not cooking)

Toasted flaked coconut
Agave nectar, vodka, or vanilla buttercream

Place toasted coconut in a small Ziploc bag  and seal. Push on and pinch the bag for several minutes to crush any large flakes into smaller pieces. Transfer to a wide, shallow container or bowl.
Dip rim of cocktail glass in a shallow layer or agave, vodka, or vanilla buttercream to wet the rim. Next, dip the rim in the coconut to coat. Set glass aside.

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and add cake vodka, powdered sugar, and coconut milk.
Pour a very small amount of coconut extract into a teaspoon measure, and slowly drip 4 drops into the cocktail shaker. Repeat this process with the vanilla extract.
Top the shaker securely with top and lid and shake for about 5-10 seconds.

Strain cocktail into martini glass and serve immediately. 

CoconutCakeMartini2 WWM


I also used this as one of my Red, White, and Blue Cocktails I made for the 4th! 


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