Hello. It’s me.

Yes, I’m one of those. Adele’s new album has me feeling some typa’ way. Every single track is so. good. “River Lea” is my new jam and “Can’t Let Go” has me counting the days until my next therapy session. I swear, Adele could make a brick feel the feels if she wanted to. There’s no need to tell you the stats of her new album ’25’ and how it’s crushing pretty much every record ever documented. I’m pretty sure she’ll be the only artist invited to the Grammys this year ’cause everyone else gave up. 
The numbers don’t lie– pretty much all of us are huge Adele fans, which is why we’re all so looking forward to her concert that will be airing this coming Monday, December 14 at 10/9c. (Watch the teaser here). There’s really no wrong way to watch. If you choose to have a few friends over for moral support and talking things through, that’s great. If you’re like me and prefer minimal company so you can shamelessly emote and sing along, I’m right there with you. Either way, you’ll need some snacks! This menu is designed to tribute our generation’s Queen of Songwriting and her work over the past several years.  

Rolling in the Deep Dish PizzaDeep Dish Pizza closeup WWM

Deep Dish Pizza WWM

Because pizza understands. 
I could probably stop right there, but Adele would keep going and so will I.

Melt My Heart to Stone Soup

“Stone Soup” is pretty much soup made from whatever you have around, which is exactly what I made. This is essentially a chicken noodle soup with potatoes instead of noodles. Just for fun, I made the carrots and potatoes heart-shaped. 

A Million Years Asi-Ago
Asiago WWM

(The most depressing song ever, by the way.)
You can do this several different ways. I simply purchased an Asiago cheese bread from a bakery. You could also purchase some Asiago bagels and cut them into bite-sized pieces. If either of these are hard for you to find, purchase a loaf of artisan bread, sprinkle grated Asiago on top, and bake it until the cheese is golden. 

MMHTS soup and asiago bread WWM


Many Shades of Black-berriesMany shades of blackberries WWM

“In the back of my mind and the tip of my tongue is the answer to it all.”
If fresh berries are on the tip of your tongue, then yes. By the way, these are absolutely delicious paired with dessert!!

Now on to cocktails, which you might need even more than the snacks. Just try not to cry into your drink, k?

Skyyfall SangriaSkyyfall sangria WWM

Skyyfall sangria 1 WWM
You can use any Skyy brand vodka in this sangria to make it “Skyyfall”. 
I wanted this particular sangria to represent the soul of her Majesty herself: dark, rich, deep, complex. I used a dry red wine as well as a bit of sugar, some blood orange Skyy vodka, orange slices, apple slices, a pinch of Chinese 5-spice powder, and a couple sprigs of thyme. Might I say, I think Adele would approve.

Skyy Blood Orange WWM

Cold ShoulderCold Shoulder w flowers WWM

Cold shoulder closeup WWMFull disclosure: this could be any cocktail over ice. I chose to do one that counters the depth of the sangria, so there are two very different choices of drinks. This is just Sprite or 7Up, a little lime juice, and some white rum or vodka.  
And I give you, “The Cold Shoulder”.

Water, Under the Bridge Mix
WAter under the bridge WWM
Bridge Mix WWM

Promise me this is how you’ll serve water at your little Adele party. Don’t waste the opportunity.
If you can’t find bridge mix (like I couldn’t), just mix together some different chocolate-covered fruits and nuts. That’s all bridge mix is.
You could also literally just place a small picture of a bridge on top of the water. That’ll do it too!

Last but not least, dessert.

Love in the Dark-Chocolate Bundts
Dark Chocolate Bundts WWM

Mini chocolate bundts WWM

“Take your eyes off of me so I can eat.”
Ok, maybe that’s not the exact lyric.
This could be anything that’s made with dark chocolate. You decide!

A word of advice, at the risk of sounding like an advertisement: if you haven’t bought ’25’ yet, buy it at Target. It comes with 3 bonus songs that are excellent and I hate the thought of me or you living without them. 
And don’t forget to set your DVR for Monday December 14th at 10/9c!! 

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