If you’ve ever bought a pre-made strawberry daiquiri mix, you know that they are essentially frozen corn syrup, limeade, red number 40, and a splash of artificial strawberry flavor. It seems to me that way too many people don’t even realize they can make their own delicious strawberry daiquiri with ingredients that are easy to keep on hand at all times. If and when you try this recipe, I promise you will never buy pre-packaged strawberry daiquiri mix again.

I prefer my blended drinks to be thick and flavorful with a nice consistency, rather than a runny heterogeneous mix that separates into ice and juice after a few minutes. If you prefer a more slushy drink, add more coconut water and a few ice cubes. If you do this, put the ice cubes in the blender first so they spend more time near the blade and are sure to be pulverized.

Full S daiquiri WWM


Strawberry Daiquiri for 2

1 lb Frozen strawberries
½ cup white rum
⅓ cup agave or honey
⅓  cup coconut water
2 Tbsp Lime Juice
pinch salt

Blend all ingredients together in a blender until smooth.

If you top this with my Better-For-You Pina Colada and swirl them together a bit, you get a Lava Flow! If you’ve added banana to the pina colada and stir it all together with the strawberry daiquiri, it’s called a Jamaican Smile.
Now promise me you’ll never buy syrupy, icy, artificially flavored and dyed drink mixes again!


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