I love it when I can find a staple ingredient that takes up very little space in my fridge or pantry. I really don’t care for paying for the dead weight of water, nor the valuable space it infests, so I tend to love concentrates. This product is a practicality jackpot.

“Better Than Bouillon” soup bases are something my kitchen is never without. They’re handy little flavor bombs in a jar that require zero prep or effort. There are several other brands of soup bases, but I don’t think anyone else’s variety is quite as extensive as BTB.
Of course it can make nice, rich, instant stock for soups, but I also love to use half a teaspoon or so to flavor sauces, gravies, dressings, marinades, and even dips. It’s probably the easiest way to make a dish taste like it took hours to make.
Why is it “better than bouillon”? ‘Cause it tastes better. Seriously though, it has a richer, more complex, more full-bodied flavor than a passive, wimpy powder that has been compressed into a little cube. Also, you have more control over how much flavor and salt is added to your recipe.
Another huge selling point for these: they come in dozens of different flavors. If you go to the supermarket to buy stock or broth, you will almost always be limited to chicken, beef, and veggie. Maybe you’ll seafood stock if your grocery store is exceptional. Better Than Bouillion comes in so many other flavors like vegetarian beef and chicken, mushroom, ham, lobster, roasted vegetable, clam, chili, au jus, turkey, and fish. That doesn’t even cover their other organic, low-sodium, and kosher options. Can you imagine trying to store some of those in full-sized cans or cartons from the grocery store? There wouldn’t be room for much else in your pantry, and that would not work for me. Ain’t nobody got room for that.

Imagine adding a bit of chicken base into buffalo chicken dip, or throwing a little lobster base into some lobster ravioli cream sauce. So perfect! Make gravy ahead of time with a little turkey stock. Boost the beef flavor for extra bold and savory burgers. Stir in a bit of roasted veggie with some cream cheese. Remember, this stuff can probably take the place of salt so do monitor how much you’re using and taste as you go.
Never again will you need to reduce a stock to concentrate its flavor, or question whether the carton of chicken stock you opened eight weeks ago is still acceptable. With soup bases on hand, your kitchen is prepped and ready at any given time.


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